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Should feminists normalize STDs and sti since they are sex positive?
Yes actually since about 70% of the adult population of Europe and America already have one strain or another of herpes.
planning for a baby?
You can, but I personally feel like that's tempting the fates a bit. I wouldn't start buying that type of thing until your second trimester at least. And even then, stockpiling on diapers is not necessarily a good idea...
In this circuit, how can I find the value of voltage if I only have other voltages and resistances?
... R2 on the right side so the voltage drop in the resistor is positive and voltage rise from the 5 volt source is negative Note we didn't...
Which one to get fooled easily, Aries or Aquarius?
Aquarius only see "positive" traits in people and will believe anything anyone say, even young children...
When can i Breed...?
...offspring suffering from these genetic health issues. Those that test positive should be spayed/neutered. You also want to ensure that there...
Should feminists start a movement that would support destigmatizing STDS sexual transmitted diseases?
Feminism's sexual revolution/sexual freedom= have as much sex with as many men in any shape or fashion as you please. More and more women contacting STD's each month exercising their sexual freedom = "It's mens fault...
Can you teach me something about a vector field and convergence and divergence within it?
... the term is negative then it is attraction. If it is positive then it is repulsion. This field becomes 0 when r tends...
How do you feel about...?
...the questions, but here we go: 1. Don't like 2. Mildly positive, I prefer tea 3. No problems, most of them aren't...
Poll: my co workers don’t like me.. am I a loser? (Please answer)?
... and vent. I wouldn't advise. I'd just listen. Show positive support. And before I knew it, AGAIN, I was...
Running out of friends getting depressed..Please read?
...want that.. Everybody wants that. You need to develop more positive interests, rather than always escape with music and weed. Sometimes...