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Should I stay with him?
...a quiet time when you are both relaxed . And bring up something positive in your relationship. Then bring up an important issue, like saving...
4 weeks pregnant & negative test? 10 pts?
you are most likely pregnant, it could be a false positive sometimes that happens. to be sure have the doctor take your urine. if you don’t get ur period at all this month then you are definitely pregnant
Since the 20th and 21st Century, who is the worst president?
.... Trump has accomplished almost zip that's positive and just spews racist, islamophobic, sexist nonsense and sometimes just plain lies...
Should I convert to Islam?
Why not. Free will.
Im so confused about this whole religious thing :/ and HELP! im so scared of demons?
..., mind, ears, tongue and deeds toward that which is positive and loving. In Jesus’ Love http://counselfreelight.homestead...
how to stay positive when you are unlucky in life?
Go to the student health office and ask to speak to a counselor.
Skeptics: if you agree that this formula debunks the greenhouse effect ... ?
... is an excellent bait-switcher. I'll try to say something positive about Solar Wind before this question closes :) I'm...
What can I write here ?
Pregnancy Scare?
.... If the hormones aren't strong enough to give a positive pregnancy test, then they also aren't strong enough to be causing pregnancy...
Trump accomplished more than every all 44 presidents before him already?
Trump hasn't accomplished anything good or positive for the American people.