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Are people so insensitive towards disabled people?
People are insensitive to everyone these days. Some are angry and don't know what to do with it so they project it. Others are just plain mean and don't care.
Atheists, when you make a positive claim of no God, why do you shift the burden of proof to Christians?
Christian, when you make a positive claim of no Sasquatch, why do you shift the burden of proof to Sasquatchians?
Can I reciprocate the same attitude my job is giving me without being "hostile" or being fired?
... to someone else's level. Keep a good attitude and be especially positive when your boss isn't around but other bosses or higher ...
Would therapy help me? I’m on cymbalta but sometimes I’m so unhappy and frustrated?
...change any of us can choose is to create thoughts that are positive rather than negative. Whatever we think about is what we feel, so for...
How do atheists think they've proven their positive claim that God isn't real?
They are blinded by Satan, their master.
I am not able to understand question completely, what does it mean? Thank you so much.?
... and the academia are typical examples of cases where positive externalities are involved: we all benefit from the creation...
friends,have u ever watched cardboard testimonies?they r cool,its good to see the positive change in people's lives bcoz of Jesus,ur opinion?
Until this moment I'd never heard of them. Having now looked at one on YouTube I'm astonished anyone can watch one the whole way through as they're so stage managed and saccharine. It is...
If two bodies, one lighter than the other have the same Kinetic Energy. Which one will have greater Momentum?
...2)m₂v₂² …… [2] As both m₁ and m₂ are positive, from [1] : √m₁ > √m₂ …… [3] From [2] : m₁v₁²...
If you are a parent AND you have a child who uploads to YouTube, do you check his or her comments?
... and his channel more. I told him to focus on the positive comments only and ignore the negative.
Magnetic Field: Total Force Problem?
a) vector(F) = q*(vector(E) + vector(V) cross vector(B)); vector(F) = q*(vector(E) + vector(V) cross vector(B)); vector(F) = q*(12,-8,-10) = (5.772, -3.848, 4.81) * 10^-17; F_x = 5.772 * 10^-17; F_y = -3.848 * 10^-17; F_z = -4.81 * 10^-17; b) (vector...