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How do you add negative and positives ?
If you're MULTIPLYING a negative by a positive, or a positive by a negative, the answer will always be negative. If you're...
What are the rules for positive & negative numbers? EASY POINTS?
Adding positive numbers always results in a positive number Adding... number from the first Adding a negative and a positive number can result in a negative or a positive, depending on which ...
Positive and Negative Externalites?
A positive externaility provides benefit to people who didn't pay for that benefit. For example, bees that pollinate farmers' crops provide a positive externality to those farmers. A negative externality imposes cost...
False POSITIVE pregnancy test ?
Positive is positive. Yes you are supposed to hold it in a cup...quickly in a cup. So with that said the fact that you still got a positive means you are pregnant.
colors positive and negative?
Blue positive: the color of the ocean when they sun is the highest. negative: the color...color of a dandelion negative: the color of pollen on your car Orange positive: the color of a ripe orange negative: the color of puke/vomit Green positive...
What are some examples of Positive Stress?
I think in the field of psychology, "positive stress" refers to stress that, while maybe not...and thus do better on your test. Positive stress pretty much encapsulates all of the...
positive math.................................?
... angles in standard position (angles with the initial side on the positive x-axis) that have a common terminal side. In radians you would add 2...
Positive vs. Negative feedback?
positive feedback works with a stimulus while negative feedback works against a stimulus an example of positive feedback is oxytocin being released as a mother gives birth...
Proving positive integers?
...induction. Let P(k) be the proposition that k^5/5+k^3/3+7k/15 is a positive integer. Base step (check P(1)): 1/5+1/3+7/15=1, which is...
How to stay positive when you are depressed?
... is very healthy for your brain and will help you stay positive. Because you are letting in less of the bad feelings...