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Negatives and positives?
... negative plus a negative is always negative. A positive plus a positive is always positive. A negative plus...negative minus a positive is always negative. A positive minus a negative is the same as the first ...
positive affirmation?
... giving them a perfect and accurate information and that will be a positive affirmation. You will be responded well and such business attitude will attract...
Positive and normative economics?
Positive economics is the branch of economics that concerns the description and explanation...
Are gram positive cells also acid fast?
Gram positive refers to a particular staining technique (Gram stain). Acid...retain the stain hence acid-fastness. Sooo technically SOME Gram positive (albeit abnormally so) would also be acid-fast. But they would be referred...
Real Numbers Rational, Positive?
22/7 ---------------------------- REAL, POSITIVE, RATIONAL 5x10^-2 = 5/10² ------------ REAL, POSITIVE...positive except for -p (= -3.14...) and 0 (which is considered neither positive nor negative)
Negatives and positives...10 points?
... and dividing are easy: POSITIVE x POSITIVE = POSITIVE POSITIVE...the negative number is bigger than the positive one, then the result will be negative: 3 + (-6) = 3 - 6...
positive magnitudes, physics question?
Positive magnitudes, physics question? Hey is this statement true... scalar. FALSE +20 m/s East is a vector with a positive magnitude +20 m/s is a scalar with a positive magnitude
what is positive analysis mean?
Positive analysis concerns itself with "what is."... about the impacts on actors in society. For example, positive analysis of rent-control (artificial price setting in general) would...
What's positive discrimination?
"What's positive discrimination?" In the US, it's called affirmative action...
Why be positive?
...the time. It is a very draining experience. So, why be positive....because the positive, like the truth..needs no defedning - it just is...