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2 faint positives??????
Any positive is positive regardless how faint... mine was so faint we almost ... had the same question and the dr told me positive is positive even if you have to put glasses on to see the answer lol
If Positive Predictive Value is 6% then how many positives are false?
Positive predictive value is the probability that a person with a positive test result actually... aren't perfect and that a certain number will come back falsely positive (or negative, as the case may be) so you have to know before you ask for a test how likely...
Math Please help? Negative and Positive?
Positive plus negative = positive minus number ex: 2+(-1) = 2 - 1 negative plus negative... then put a negative sign on the final result ex: -3 + -4 = 3 + 4 = 7 = -7 positive plus positive = no change just add them together ex: 2 + 5 = 7 positive minus negative...
any positive people out there?
positive as in HIV?---no.................positive on outlook on life?....i used to think... kicked in the teeth again....i am TRYING to stay positive but you wouldn't even begin to believe what i deal with...HARD to stay positive...
regarding positive atitude?
...'re referring to participatory management and positive attitude. Making mistakes is a characteristic... fame, was known for her perpetually positive attitude. One news reporter complained to ...
Positive and Negative Velocity?
There is no positive or negative velocity, unless it is GIVEN to you. In this case, you... North for 2 kilometers, and you want that to be your positive direction. Well, when you go South 2 kilometers, then that would...
Why does positive reinforcement seem to work?
Positive reinforcement is the concept of learning, remembering, and could be with animals or humans. Humans can benefit from positive reinforcement by knowing and the assurrance that after you have learned something...
What are your positive and negative qualities ?
Positive: 1. I can forget things easily (it's positive because I don...
positive changes hypnosis?
Many individuals discover extremely positive changes during hypnosis. Hypnosis can be defined...
Positive Thinking ?
- Positive Thinking imply to the optimism of any person.We think positive especially far,for instance,during an job interview or in the exam hall if you don't think positively in regard of doing well,you will lose your confidence and probably wont get...