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How to become popular?
Popular! You're gonna be popular! I'll teach you the proper ploys...fix your hair Everything that really counts To be popular I'll help you be popular! You'll hang with the right cohorts...
How does someone become popular?
One becomes popular by being themselves and not actually worrying about the label '...for one, I didn't become a cheerleader because I wanted to be popular, but rather because I love watching sports. As being...
song about being popular?
Wicked - Popular GALINDA (spoken) Elphie - now... lead And yes, indeed You will be: Popular! You're gonna be popular! I'll teach...
what is popular culture?
Popular culture is the entirety of ideas, perspectives, attitudes... the everyday lives of the society. Although terms popular culture and pop culture are sometimes used interchangeably, and their...
How can I be popular?
I hate popular people. Honestly I could be popular but I choose not to be...39;t try to fit into something that you don't need.. You don't need popularity. All you need is one. One friend that will be there for you all...
How Can I Be Popular?
Really? being popular is so overrated. When you aren't popular it looks... you realize that they just hang around you because they want to soak up the extra popularity that bounces off of you and want to be seen as being in the...
what makes you popular?
Being popular doesn't mean you are an evil blond... now... HOW TO BE POPULAR: ~Dress like everyone else, first...choice. Depends on how badly you want popularity.
Evaluate the reasons why you want to become popular. Do you just want to fit in? Are you ... your style. While many of the popular kids may wear the same kinds of clothes...
What makes someone popular?
being popular to me means that you have to be nice. be nice to everyone,and you will be liked and popular. alot of people think that they have to be mean to be popular,but you dont.remember everyones birthdays,and dont worry if you ...
How to be POPULAR?
being popular isn't the most important thing but i can tell how to have alot of ...7.always remember... be a friend to make a friend! once again, being popular isn't everything and this list wasn't about how to be popular it'...