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Evaluate the reasons why you want to become popular. Do you just want to fit in? Are you ... your style. While many of the popular kids may wear the same kinds of clothes...
How to be POPULAR?
being popular isn't the most important thing but i can tell how to have alot of ...7.always remember... be a friend to make a friend! once again, being popular isn't everything and this list wasn't about how to be popular it'...
How to become popular?
How to become popular? You don't. Honestly being popular is yourself and do your best in these next few years. Popularity may seem like everything, but you probably won't even like half the people you...
Popular Japanese singers/groups?
AKB48 Popular among teenagers. They are like "nowadays" Morning... EXILE Popular among teenagers. They have such a nice voice. Basically 2...
how to become popular?
omg. why does it matter? i've never been popular and i've never wanted to. why does it matter...well, don't let that person down by TRYING to be popular. because your just trying to be something ...
what does the popular vote mean?
The popular vote doesn't mean that much in a Presidential election. The US.... The method is in the state constitution. The popular vote in your state (which includes your vote) determines...
how do i become popular?
Being popular is a challenging thing with teenagers, but the thing you need... that you don't want to become someone your not just to be "popular". Once you get older and have a family it won't matter...
Being Popular?
Popularity depends on why you became popular. You could be popular become popular because of your talent on certain type of arts, you become popular because of your statemanship (politic), you become popular because of your ...
What is popular sentiment?
Popular sentiment is the public acceptance of a course of action. In days... would have been disqualified if they aborted an infant. Popular sentiment, though still not universally approving, did now allow it. ...
popular ???
usually popular girls are mean, but I'd like to see a pretty, yet friendly...,Friends,Pretty,Smart,Be yourself+Popular in you own mind=Popular and Great