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Do you ever feel that some only concentrate on your faults and not your plusses?
... out OUR faults and we wish they'd comment on our plusses - but that's doomed - the plusses aren't the problem. And...
If i have three As and three B plusses and they average to a 91.5, what is my grade point average?
... already determined so numerical score doesn't matter, as well as plusses or minuses.
Meaning of plusses and minuses?
When you're on ice and your team scores a goal, you get +1 (even if you don't get a goal/assist). When your team gives up a goal, you get -1. However, if your team is on the power play and you score, you don't get anything, and if your on the...
What are some plusses for girls?
Anything can be a plus. Smartness and nice dressing are always plusses
GPA for plusses (+)?
Not that I favor the GPA system that allows more than a 4.0 for having straight "A" grades, but there are some schools who consider "honors" classes as being more than a simple class equivalent to any normal class...
What are the flaws and plusses in my exercise schedule?
What are the flaws and plusses in my exercise schedule?? Please tell me everyting?
What are the flaws and plusses in my exercise schedule?? Personal trainers?
Who can give me the plusses and minuses of ....?
It's not as gay as you think, really. Be yourself, no problem.
Any feedback regarding the Blackberry Curve 8330 smartphone?
I have it and I LOVE IT! I have also had the Pearl but the Curve is by far the best! I really have no complaints yet except that I play with it too much instead of getting work done :-) The...