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When does sex become pleasurable?
It becomes pleasurable as soon as you learn how to do it in pleasurable ways. Having vaginal...
If sin is to be avoided, why did God make sin so pleasurable?
We make it pleasurable. We are the little kid that shakes loose the parent's grasp...
People who are Christians: see sin as evil and wicked but why sexual sins are pleasurable?How can something evil and wicked be pleaurebale?
If sin was never pleasurable then no one would be tempted to do it. Lust.... God created sex to be pleasurable. However, the purpose of sex is not pleasure but...
Why is doing evil so pleasurable?
...understand this. Yes, the devil would like to effect the senses and make sin pleasurable. That is one thing. Sin can only be attractive in some form when...
How do you define pleasurable sex?
Pleasurable and satisfying are not entirely the same thing. In my book: "pleasurable" is more about the physical side and "satisfying" is more mental and/or emotional.
What is your Venus sign and what do you find pleasurable? Scorpio. There are many things that I find pleasurable, some of them probably atypical. First, I love music with dark ...
Is it true that sex is only pleasurable to humans?
no . sex is pleasurable to most of the animal species( i think) .although this can be... to sex with. nature has made the sex pleasurable(for some it can be hard to resist) so that mating can occur...
Why is sleep pleasurable?
Anything Nature wants you to do she makes pleasurable - so picking a scab (because it's time to reopen a wound) is...
Catholics- is intercourse a pleasurable act or for reproduction only ?
... teaches that intercourse has three purposes. 1) Pleasurable Intercourse may be pleasurable, but if this is the sole purpose of it...
Is a colonoscopy pleasurable?
Interesting yes; however, pleasurable probably not the word I would use. I have had 5 so far and never...