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The Most Romantic Place?
Any place can be romantic with the right person! I think the most romantic place I have... and movies pale in comparrison. The most amazing place in the world was that dock with him.
Why is it called a polling place?
A polling place or polling station is where voters cast their a ward, precinct, polling district or constituency. The polling place is staffed with officials (who may be called election...
vacation places?
In CA there are many places to go. Outside of San Diego... and Reno are the best places in NV. In Az you can visit...
Holiday places???
...vat refund. famous for massage and show business. Relax- maldive is a good place (i.e if you like quiet and beaches)-I join clubmed . they teach u scuba...
Is Heaven a place?
...and similitude, not a reality or fact, for the Kingdom is not a material place; it is sanctified from time and place. It is a spiritual...
Special place???......................?
..."? The person will have to identify and find significance with the place for it to be special. The place could have historical, religious or personal ...
best place???
Best place is where you both want to go. Honeymoons are for getting to know each other better or at least it use to be that way. Find a place where you both would like. Don't do the tourist thing. Just find...
Best places to eat in Las Vegas?
Best of Vegas, places to eat Geisha Steakhouse 3751 East Desert... Salad - GREAT place to eat - 4 soups daily to choose from, LOTS of salad makin's - ...
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The best place to shop is Dubai Mall Here's a list of places...
Strange Places???
The most interesting place... well this can be a hard one to choose an answer for. I was leaving...