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Can I still get voice mail with a phoneless cord?
No. Phoneless cords are utterly useless
I need cheap, phoneless internet?
Only a couple options here.. depending on the local phone company, MAYBE they will provide DSL internet without phone - - some will do this others, like Verizon will not.. This may be a little more pricey than their standard DSL service though...
Phoneless!!!??? any ideas?
If you go to they have every plan, every company, every phone known to man. I'm not sure if they have exactly what you are looking for, but if it is to be had, it will be there.
I'm phoneless and i feel like the only one:(? This isn't the relationship section. Get a prepaid phone if you think you're going to become friendless w/o a phone. Seriously though, find some news friends. If y'all are young, the never mind. DKY
does dalton need to borrow somebodies phone?
no. tell him to get his own
Is a phoneless cord a good gift for people that like peace and quiet?
That idea has a nice ring to it!
Ive been phoneless for quite sometime now waiting on?
are you interested in other blackberry's...blackberry storm2 9550 did you see that? Email me lets talk.
Help me fix my phone please? i dont want to go phoneless!?
I heard somewhere that bathing a wet device like an iPod or a phone would fix it - Weird, I know but that's what I heard :-) You could try that and if it doesn't work, I'm sorry but I think you may be screwed.. It'...
my phone wont charge!!!! its dead and im phoneless ahhh help?
Try swapping the batteries, if it works then you need a new battery. If not you may need a new phone.
if your broke,jobless,phoneless,friendless & no transportation;what steps do you take to get a job/home?
First start with getting as clean as you can then start looking for whatever work you can get. Offer to mow lawns or cut firewood what ever you can get people to pay you to do. Missions will sometimes have a place to clean up or truck stops. Then you can find a thrift store to...