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Do you usually take things personally?
Personally the way I take things depends and reflects on my mood so it can change. But...issue that I'm not aware of. B - No, It's not like she attacked me personally , the teacher is still looking for the one person she can make an example of. C - No, I...
What is considered personally identifiable information?
"Personally identifiable information" is information that can be directly tied to an.... On the other hand, the state someone lives in is not personally identifying; you can hardly use it to pin down specific people. The focus...
How are you personally affected by the decline of the importance of family?
Personally? Well, first of all I'd say that I think that we are ALL personally...have been attributed to the breakdown of the family and so we are all affected by this personally in a very real and direct way. Aside from this however, I'm also directly affected by the breakdown...
Girls do you like love letters or personally being asked out?
Because I don’t personally know the girl, I wouldn’t exactly know. ...straight forward and not long. I was asked out personally 5 times I think, but I actually only remember...
Do you know God personally or impersonally?
Personally :) Being baptized does make you know Him personally. ...
What is the greatest act of courage you have personally witnessed?
I personally watched my PLT leader charge across an open field of fire with incoming to rescue an Iraqi boy that had been hurt. I personally scrambled up a burning Bradley to yank some one out ...
Christians, what does Isaiah 61:3 mean to you personally?
I have experienced personally beauty for ashes. Ashes as you know refers to people in ...
How does gay marriage affect you personally?
Personally, it DOESN'T. Two consenting adults should...
Personal or Personally?
Personally is the correct word for this use. It is an adverb describing...should describe a noun. Check it online here:
Would you personally have a child?
Personally, no I wouldn't. If I did get pregnant before, we would...