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Persistent Currents and Superconductivity?
Persistent currents in superconducting accelerator magnets are caused by the magnetization of...single Tevatron dipoles indicated that these effects were due to time-dependent, persistent-current phenomena. Using additional laboratory measurements and beam observations, we have...
Guy being persistent vs. being annoying?
Persistent = forward I'm a girl, I have a very persistent personality. If I'm into someone...mind. I know you will" and you don't stop until they say yes to your advances. Persistent people can be annoying, but they always get what they want. Here's a tip on how to ask a...
will persistent connection work in the CGI version of php ? mysql_connect() vs mysql_pconnect()?
Persistent database connections work only in the module installation of PHP. ... killing your performance, you might want to investigate opening persistent connections.Unlike regular database connections, these ...
Persistent cough for 2+ years?
Many things can cause a persistent cough. Often they have nothing to do with cancer. ...heart ailment. One of the most frequent causes of persistent cough in men and women is digestive reflux...
Do you believe that persistent guys tend to...?
...many variables that play into why a guy is persistent. But, according to what little knowledge I... way. People who are extremely persistent can be in despair, and alot of people in despair are capable...
Persistent Upset stomach?
Persistent abdominal cramps can be soothed down through the supplemental use of an...
When was the word persistent first used or coined?
"Persistent": Etymology: Latin persistent-, persistens, present participle...leaf> b: continuing without change in function or structure <persistent gills> c: effective in the open for an appreciable time usually through slow ...
How do you stay persistent?
How to Be Persistent? To summarize it all, these are the...with yourself
what does Persistent mean?
someone or something that doesn't give up. it rained persistently while we were on holiday etc she is such a persistent job seeker, she...
What effects does POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) have on the environment?
Persistent Organic Pollutants are resistant to environmental degradation through...