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Any period advice or tips?
Have a good attitude - periods are as good or as bad as you make them... - we are taught from a young age periods are bad by friends, by tampon and pad...
Periods suck. End of story. One time i was wearing a pad to bed...but when i woke up, i... horrible. And i was soooo tired at school that day, and ever since then whenever im on my period i freak out that ill leak or bleed through so i wear extra red shorts under like all my clothes!
Can Periods...?
periods are at best an odd thing when you start having them...or start - when I got married, I had my period start the night before my wedding, even though i had just had...
has anyone got any period tips?
Remember periods are as good or as bad as you make them' - if you perceive periods... about their bodies so don't know how to deal with period problems, just complain about periods instead. Get a menstrual...
what symptoms of getting my period?
If its your first period then I would say the only real symptom you will notice is when you have a.... You get PMS a week or a couple days before your period begins - you start to get really moody (one second you are very...
Irregular periods?
An irregular period is any type of bleeding that is abnormal when compared...menorrhagia) or scanty bleeding. Many women also experience irregular periods in the form of a missed period, continuous periods, or periods...
The longest period of prenatal development is the:?
♥ The fetal period is characterized by two processes. The first... growth rate is greatest at the beginning of the fetal period (through week sixteen), during which time the fetus increases twenty-five-fold in...
which geological period lasted the longest? which geological period lasted the shortest?
Geological Period that lasted the longest: The Precambrian Era... the first primeval oceans. This was a period of great volcanic activity when immense lava flows solidified both on the...
Period question...?
Normal to skip periods during the first few years and or be irregular Why do some..., stopping, and starting again. You could have one period and then wait six months for the next one! This isn’t unusual . ...
what are irregular periods?
An irregular period is when your period does not come around the same time each month...regular and she gets it once every 27-30ish days, but someone whose period is irregular would have it at random times, without being able to...