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Language: What is the difference between perhaps and maybe?
"perhaps" and "maybe" are adverbs with much the same meaning... where "maybe" would sound wrong, whereas I think "perhaps" is aways safe to use. "maybe" sounds a little...
photo critique perhaps?
...: 1) the crumbs and coffee (or tea) dregs don't work. Perhaps a half-cup of tea and a bite out of a cake would be more appealing. 2) ...
Are there perhaps two sorts of ignorance among the know nots?
Perhaps your question is confusing to some who don't know what you...
Mayonnaise is, perhaps, our most controversial condiment?
Yes, perhaps. Why Miracle Whip isn't mayo: The U...
"Perhaps" is not an answer.?
Perhaps is an answer...for example: Q. What's another word for maybe...Perhaps. Q. Do I look fat in these jeans? A. Perhaps. Q. How do you pronounce perhaps? A. Perhaps.
Is there perhaps a connection between ghosts, aliens, &/or time travel?
Is there perhaps a connection between ghosts, aliens, &/or time travel? Most...
Pregnant perhaps? Implantation bleeding?
Perhaps your periods are a bit irregular. I'm not sure how...
what is difference between probebbly and perhaps?
Perhaps - Suggesting or a certian chance of something happening Probably - Likely e,g "Perhaps you'd like to go" "Knowing her, she'll probably want to go"
maybe. Perhaps is so cliche. "Perhaps i'll give it a try" "Perhaps i'll see you tommorrow" "perhaps i'll have a great day today". You know what perhaps i'll kick your royal ass!
social problem perhaps?
Perhaps you could join a Toastmasters Group. With more confidence and better presentation skills you will be more successful, relaxed and happy in the world.