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Have you ever had a bad experience at Red Lobster?
Blacks infested the place for the free garlic rolls.
Why can’t a parrot or raven be president if they are smart and always repeat what the public says?
... are forgotten the morning after the election. A parrot would have an advantage in making those promises because he wouldn't...
Do Democrats really want to go back to the days when the American tax rate made it unprofitable for companies to keep jobs here?
Right now, they are busy parroting some talking point they got off of BS-NBC that the trump...
Since Trump is illiterate, how did he read his speech?
It was dictated to him through his ear piece. He just parroted what he heard.
Is religious dogma and cultism slowly but surely losing its grip and control of people in the west?
One hopes so, although with mindless parrots like Douglas here you have to wonder how long it'll really take. The...
How to choose between my parrots and my partner ?
Before you spend the money to get the birds checked, see if you can work out an arrangement. You clean the mess. You vacuum and keep the area clean and you clean the cage. Tell her that you will do it - they will be "your" responsibility. If she...
Why do sheep type Americans believe Canada Health Care is poor?
When there's hundreds of billions of healthcare dollars and profits on the line the propaganda is going to be spread pretty thick. One just need to look at the lies being spread about the Green New Deal to...
A Muslim girl told me the Bible is a mess and that i can only maintain faith if i don't read it how should i reply?
...never read all of the Bible for herself, and that she is merely parroting what her religious leaders have told her. Then...
Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing her glasses all the time now to try to look more intelligent or to try to hide her crazy eyes?
...not that you would know. You don't bother to find out the fact, you just parrot mindless dumb Marxist drivel. For your information the ...
Why are some Democrats threatening Krysten Sinema for showing President Trump some support?
... their group-think, Democrats have to have all the sheep parroting the same soundbite.