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why call artists overrated if you cant even play an instrument?
Overrated is such a funny word. On here, it seems to translate as "popular... is OVERRATED! Green Day is OVERRATED! *band that only I have heard of* is cool, though. Overrated...
Do you think Paul Scholes is overrated?
He is not overrated instead deserves all the praise he gets... logic Messi and Pele are overrated since they always had great players around...
What does the word overrated mean to you?
Overrated- When a Professional Wrestler, or Wrestlers...than they really are. For me, being considered overrated has nothing to do with title pushes at all. This has...
Most overrated and underrated bands in history?
The most overrated band is obviously the Beatles. They... the Sex Pistols are overrated, their one album is one of the best...
Give me your 3 most overrated nfl players?
Suh is not overrated, he plays an incredibly tough position and he'... and Aaron Rodgers are overrated, you know nothing. Stafford is a top...
Is it me or is Eminem way overrated?
No Eminem is not overrated. The only reason people say that he's overrated... MC to have ever lived....and he ain't overrated, believe me :)
do you think floyd mayweather is overrated?
... knows Floyd is not overrated. Even the best boxer with an average...minute rounds. If thats overrated ...then you can call him that.
Most underrated and overrated Indie bands?
overrated - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (do they count?) underrated - ...way overblown) underrated - A.C. Newman Overrated - Cat Power (she's good and all, but I don't understand...
Who is the Most Overrated Superstar and Diva TODAY?
Most overrated Superstar: No doubt about it, Randy...39;s loved by the IWC. Most overrated Diva: Beth Phoenix It isn...
Most underrated and overrated of all time?
Overrated: 1.Avenged Sevenfold 2.Nivana(still good) 3.The Beatles(well,they...over 5 times more records?) 2.Dream Theater(every musician in the band is overrated on his own,except for LaBrie,whose voice most people hate,yet the band is very ...