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Is AC/DC overrated?
No, AC/DC aren't overrated. In fact, too many people don't give...anything, people's opinions are overrated. They'll point out how much ...
underrated and overrated hockey player's?
Overrated: Evgeny Malkin is a bit overrated just because he... for crying out loud. Jordan Stall is a really overrated for the same reason. For Goalies, I think that Cam ...
Andre Berto, overrated or underrated?
...think he has been closer to overrated...everyone has been pushing this point, I am leaning towards overrated, until he gets his head fully in the game...
michael vick overrated?
Not just overrated, but massively over-hyped. Jesse said: "How can...
What qualifies a star as being overrated?
Overrated = Being thought of , and/or talked about as...being ... Randy Orton - BOTH!!! CM Punk - Overrated (Once more , I guess...) ***Cena , Hardy , & Punk...
Most overrated and underrated NBA teams and players?
Most Overrated Team: The Suns Everyone...lack of defense and clutch-shooting make his OVERRATED. Most Underrated Team: ...
RHH: In RHH saying "overrated" is "overrated"?
yes, overrated is often used incorrectly. a lot of the time people think "overrated...overrated in the first place, because obviously it won't be overrated by everyone. for example, from your observations, you could conclude a...
Derek Jeter Overrated???
...'m not a Yankees fan Derek Jeter is not overrated. Among active players his .317 batting average is...
Jets: Overrated or Underrated?
Overrated. They might not even make the playoffs, and people seem to think that they own the AFC.
These players underrated/overrated.?
...will once again by a playoff team! Carmelo Anthony - Way overrated, I laughed at New York when they picked ...