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Why do people overemphasize the importance of 'personality'?
People overemphasize the importance of 'personality' because they can afford to. Before peacetime...
Why is masculinity overemphasized for guys in society?
It's overemphasized, because of guys like Johnny Depp, and Denzel ...
What are the dangers of overemphasizing or denying either the deity or humanity of Christ?
the danger is misrepresenting him, if we overemphasise his deity we deny his humanity and lose our high priest who ...
is grammar underemphasized or overemphasized in school today?
... what you mean. The teaching of grammar rules is overemphasized. You don't learn to use good grammar by memorizing rules...
Are sex differences real or overemphasized?
... general traits that are gender specific but whether they are overemphasized depends on the claim being expressed. regards ...
Why Beyerdynamics overemphasizes the highs on all of their headphones? hi-fi stuff is going to sound like the highs are overemphasised, when actually they aren't. You just aren't used to hearing...
Do you think the study of grammar is overemphasized or under emphasized in schools today?
... the answer can only be "yes", because grammar is either overemphasized or under emphasized. If you had asked if grammar...
The meaning of the sentence: "I stood up straighter and overemphasized my consonants"?
The speaker stands up straighter, to look more confident. Overemphasizing your consonants is stating them slower and clearer so that everyone can hear them correctly.
Is the holocaust overemphasized?
Yes, it is over-emphasized. Ask any 7th grade student who was the 8th or 14th President of the United States, and they won't know; but ask them about the holocaust and they'll know all about it...
do you think sports might be overemphasized?
Maybe not overemphasized, but definitely over paid.