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opposits attractt????????
In the Zodiac, 'opposite' does not mean 'incompatible'. For instance, Capricorn...
what is opposit of word avreviation?
do you mean abbreviation? if so, expansion.
Braces doing the opposit?
Same thing happened to my cousin. He looked like a hill billy for months but it'll even out. When your teeth are aligned there will be no gap. It took about two months for my cousin.
Congress to curb opposit?
Time frame and title of the textbook would help immensely. It would also help to verify the name of the country to which your text refers - even if it is obvious to you.
next to opposit attracts?
I don't see why food should be an issue at all.
do u think opposit attracts?
It's a possibility...........
relations with opposit gender?
The key is not to give too much or too little there's an in between that works best.
The opposit of love....?
The opposite of emotion itself is apathy while love is a broad term with numerous...entail one distinct factor, a lot of emotion. In that sense I find apathy as an opposite. I can honestly say their are a good deal of people that I...
Opposit of landscape?
Hardscape . As in concrete walkway, decks, large boulders , fountains.
Do you think, opposits attract?
...tall person, but their personalities may be different, hence the term opposites attract. That is why I completely disagree with matching...