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Is it more important in basketball to score points or keep your oponent from scroing points?
its more important to keep your oponents from scoring points, but eventually you'll have to score to win...
Fighting Multiple oponents...?
First, one would have to think about this logically. While facing off against 10 opponents seems very daunting, think about how many people can physically attack one at the same time. Unless you're grossly obese, three, maybe four can realistically punch, kick, or otherwise hurt...
Tennis Rule - Hitting oponent?
In the official Rules of Tennis book, Rule 24 says: "The player lost point if ... The ball in play touches the player or anything that the player is wearing or carrying, except the racket" this means the player...
i need an oponent?
i will just always ask me ok!!
Who is Pacquiao's next oponent ?
Well, there has already been mentionings of Pacquiao fighting 130 pound champ, Edwin Valero in November, possibly. It still too early to say though.
Tips for a 6'2 superheavyweight to defeat a 6'4 oponent with more reach?
Body shots for opening rounds then throw overhands rights, basically the body head strategy.
How to put my oponent on the tabble in a tabble match on smackdown vs raw 2008 for psp?
get a finisher throw them into the table then use your finisher
basketblal how to get by oponent?
Will Bruins be the Flyers toughest oponent?
Both teams are very tough opponents. We'll see when they play eachother today. Should be a hell of a game there's a lot of recent playoff history between the Bruins and Flyers.
spoiler alert for edges first oponent?
Well i guess the WWE storyliners want to give Edge an easy time in his first match on Smackdown since he returned from injury.Funaki is probably WWE's top jobber now and should easily put over Edge.He's...