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Can opinions be wrong?
Since an opinion is a formed judgment or belief, by someone, on something without sufficient...would seem an opinion can't be wrong, but that conclusion is wrong since the "opinion" is formed from the knowledge base of the person uttering it...
What Is Your Opinion Of Celebrity Adoptions?
My opinion is that its great that they are adopting, IF...
differing opinions?
Opinions are always beneficial. If it wasn't for a number of ...
What is an opinion?
Opinions is what you think. Nobody has the rights to say...about whatever u say, you simply can get away by saying, relax its just an opinion!
Linux opinions...........?
...distribution of Linux is best? That's truly a matter of opinion and what you're going to be doing with it (some are ...
What is An Opinion?????
an opinion is someones feeling about an issue that in no way can be ... that you like them the most of any team then that is an opinion because it is entirely up to you, and nobody could say your wrong ...
Why does you opinion matter?
My opinion will differ from yours, hopefully, and that can lead to excellent conversations... are followers and are almost totally dependent on the opinions of others to make their decisions about who they are...
How do you keep opinions?
Opinions are based on your beliefs. The only way media does to us every day. You keep your opinions by reinforcing what you believe with facts to support your opinions...
What happened to opinions?
Of course you can have an opinion, but that doesn't mean someone else cannot think your opinion wrong...disagree with it, which means they think you're wrong. If your opinion is based on inaccurate "facts," on incomplete facts...
...there are tons of answers that are correct and not just opinions. Let's try the basics, like is the f ucking sky blue? Yes...