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Do you think i am obsessed?
Obsessed... but not a crazy, weird obsessed. A typical teen definition of obsessed. Its nothing out... when I hear them. You are not dedicated though. Passionate, obsessed, but not dedicated. I am almost 100% sure that when you are older you won...
I am obsessed with the TITANIC. I know almost everything there.... By the way, you are obsessed. :D But, you are lucky, my case...
What/who are you obsessed with and why?
im obsessed with Gregory Robert Garbowsky most of all. hes awesome... of him on youtube. i know hes backup bassist but still im obsessed w/him because hes so mental. he takes the craziest ...
Are Geminis normally sex obsessed?
ALL men are normally obsessed with sex. And the younger they ...would make EVERY female born in that period sex-obsessed. Perhaps if you looked at ...
Who are you OBSESSED with?
LOL I am obsessed with soooo many things right now xD Here are some people...
Twilight Obsessed? =(?
... feel for you becasue i am too and my daughter are both Obsessed with Sweeney todd , The last house on the left 2009, Helena...
whats wrong with being obsessed with twilight?
...1. It's a book. True, being obsessed with a book isn't too wrong, t gets ...not a writer. She is a murderer. 3. Obsession with Twilight usually leads to depression...
How do you know whether you are obsessed with or just interested. attracted to someone?
An obsessed person has a persistent idea or impulse that continually forces its...person to be obsessed with them. The difference between healthy and obsessive love is that with the latter, those feelings of infatuation become extreme...
Is the US obsessed with sex?
... society does seem to be rather sex obsessed despite the fact that, on a whole, we try our damn... on a whole is SUPER sex obsessed. Everyone is doing at ...
Am i obsessed with Miley Cyrus?
obsessed? No. Crazy for? Yes . Adoring? Yes. You are not obsessed with her, many ppl feel this way about her (besides the haters), and stop and ask ...don't rlly love her for herself , u love her for her fame , and that's not right. So honestly, do u live for miley ? No ! u live to live ! In my opinion u aren't obsessed.