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Define Mass Number???
The mass number, A, which is the total number of protons and ...
Whats the biggest number?
Graham's number. "Graham...notation so it needs special notation (G) to write down. Graham's number is much larger than other well known large numbers such...
Number 1 preschool activities?
Number 1 Introduce the number: use a number grab bag with the various..., crackers, grapes, etc). Children can trace the number one in quiet area, children can make the number one with claydough ...
What is the general name for odd number?
An odd number is an integer which is not a multiple of two. If it is... are three, five, seven, and nine. You can tell if any decimal number is an odd number if the last digit is an odd number...
Whats your lucky number?
Number one. That is my lucky number when I know I am a your number one answerer.
how to calculate oxidation Number..???
... is O. Ex: Fe(s) atom has an oxidation number of 0; the sume of the oxidation numbers of all the atoms in Cl2...
A prime number is a number that can not be divided by any other number... by 2, giving a result of 2, therefore 4 is not a prime number. 5 is a prime number, 6 is not, as it can be divided...
s2o3 oxidation number?
The oxidation number of S2O3 is 0, the rule of thumb is to take the oxidation ... usually -2. There are three oxygens so the oxidation number of the O3 is -6, that means the S2 must be +6, hence...
How do you find the atomic mass, proton number, neutron number, electron number and mass number of an atom?
Atomic Number = Number of Protons No. of Protons = Number...number of protons as electrons. So the Atomic number is giving you both the number of protons and also the...
Can you guess this number?
WHAT NUMBER ARE WE THINKING OF? ◦ The number ...sum of the digits is a two digit prime number. ◦ The number is less than the square root of 10^4. ◦ One of the digits...