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Is a 3 day notice legal?
Three-day notice A landlord can use a written three-day notice (eviction notice) if the tenant...illegal drugs. If the landlord gives the tenant a three-day notice because the tenant hasn't paid the rent, the notice must accurately state...
violation notices?
... is no limits as to the number of violations notices required before a user's yahoo answers account is ...
How to make my crush notice me?
Want to get noticed? Worry not, with my advice you'll get noticed easily! ...
what is equitable notice?
It refers to "notice" of facts that a reasonable person would have had by prudent investigation...see for yourself, you can be found to have had "equitable notice" when they sue you in an action to quiet title to the parcel thus taken by...
30 day notice? goes: TO: -TENANT IN POSSESSION- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that within 30 days after service of this...
thats it ....ime going to have a cup of strong black coffee...and pretend i dident notice your notice....this is no way to start the day....its 6 am sat...oz time.....seamanab x
guys....what do u notice?
I always notice the way a woman conducts herself from the first step. The...
How to be noticed more at school?
Tips on how to be noticed is kind of a vague question. It really ...advice. It's not really about being noticed. It's more about putting yourself...
did you noticed ??????????????????
I notice cervical mucus whether I'm ovulating or not. It's the...
Is this a legal eviction notice?
That notice is totally deficient and wouldn't ever stand up in an eviction hearing. 1. It's not a Pay Rent or Quit notice. The landlord must give you a specific time frame to be able to pay the back...