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Health hazards of not getting my cat either spayed or layed?
An entire (non-desexed) female cat is at risk of pyometra, cancers of the female reproductive tract...
Non-Pregnant Dog brest feeding Cats.?
if she isn't spayed already then do it. She won't produce milk anymore, end of problem.
Non-Pregnant Dog breast feeding Cats ?
My beagle produced milk for my kitten and the dog and cat were fine. We found it odd but sometimes a dog's maternal instincts go into overdrive and they lactate. It's okay to let the cat drink the milk. My dog was spayed but...
I have a lab mix with a leakage problem. He has leaked on my bed and living room furniture!?
If he is a non desexed male dog then most likely he has either: 1. Stones in his bladded/ urethera 2. He has an enlarged prostate or prostate tumor. Take him to the vet.
Whose with me on this?
Get a few non desexed cats too, that will kitten every nine month to add to the mix.
i want a small fuzzy non barky dog perferbly a poodle mix but doesent have to be a poodle mix.?
There really isn't any such thing as a non barky dog, it depends on how well they're ...24hrs a day, how much exercise will the dog get, will the dog be desexed, if the dog starts exhibiting territorial ...
About Horses? What is the difference between a mustang & a Stallion?
... called a filly. These terms apply to both desexed and non-desexed female horses, as it is very uncommon practice to desex female horses...
Male and Female Dogs?
Get the other two fixed and it'll get better---no your dogs not gay
Does a female cat have to be pregnant to be lactating?
...constant nature and stays the kitten you had. Have her desexed. it is a one off cost. The kitten may not be getting milk but...
German shepherd , Male 6 Months Old , Aggression?
You have your own built-in GP!! STOP SMOKING. Castration won't stop bad behaviour - training should. If you are not making this up!!!