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What is Roby Baggio's nickname?
The nickname of Roberto Baggio is Il Divin Codino...more info on roby Full Name: Roberto Baggio Nickname: Roby Baggio Date Of Brith: 18th...
Nickname of States?
Nickname of the State Wyoming is - "EQUALITY STATE" - See...and when it became a state. State Motto: Equal rights State Nickname: Equality State State Song: Wyoming -
What is Avril Lavigne's Nickname?
Avril's nickname is "Abbey Dawn" and was given to her...s in the U.S. now. BTW, her dad got that nickname when he was working in or around Kingston, Ontario...
Don't know about cute nicknames-don't really give people nicknames. My nicknames-...
Nicknames for babies!?
Nicknames for Katherine: Kathy, Kat, Kitty, Katie, Kath. My grandma... nearly 22 pounds and 30 inches. My baby bros who are twins, nicknames are ‘tiny boy’ and ‘peanut’ lol, they are tiny for there age cuz they were very premature, peanut...
My name is sarah and my nickname is SusieQ (hence my screen name) lol i also have the nickname...
Nicknames HELP!?!?! PLEASE!?
Nicknames: Brit BritBrit LittleBritty Britto ...! P.S Its a really hard name to shorten and make a nickname for her. LASTLY REMEMBER YOU COULD always...
i always felt nicknames are something that happen on the spur of the moment, something you don't mean...
Does anybody know a good nickname?
The best way to make a good nickname is to have it based on you. Since you didn't really give...example, if your name is Rose Hannah, your nickname could be Roseh, or Jennifer Marie become Jaire...
a gudd nickname for my friend...?
A nickname is not something that you just make up randomly, nor should it offend someone. ...offensive, while they may seem okay with it, people may be sensitive. Don't use nicknames like, shrimp, whale, or skyscraper for they can be easily seen as rude. Often...