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History - League of Nations?
The League of Nations was an inter-governmental organization founded... mandates became United Nations Trust Territories]. These...
nation state v. monarchy?
The nation-state in practice In some cases, the geographic boundaries of an...ethnicity living in other countries. Clear examples of nation states include: Iceland: although the inhabitants are...
Christians, is the USA a christian nation?
This nation is not a is a democracy, not The kingdom of eternal Kingdom in heaven. Amercia will end someday like every other nation has. So if you pledge allegience to America will there come a...
what are First Nation communities?
First Nations is a term of ethnicity used in Canada. It refers... peoples, or Indigenous peoples, bands, or nations. A national representative body of the First Nations in Canada...
Why should first nations receive money?
- First Nations, don't receive any money from Canada. Canada signed ...and collects royalties from RESOURCES on First Nations lands which Canada also holds “In Trust...
Canadian Law re: First Nations?
First Nations are real in Canada, it also includes the Innu ... on the book that were Paternalistic to the First nations. Province are also, individually responsible for their own ...
what is a nation state?
A nation-state is a country where everyone, or... members of the same nation. A nation is a self-...of indigenous people who do not speak the national language and who have a different culture or...
Is America a Christian nation?
"One Nation under God In God we trust" You forgot to...the 1950's. "In God We Trust and One Nation Under God were added in the 1950's under ...
Is Saraiki a Nation ?
Saraiki is Nation. Saraikistan is a geographical region, lower Indus valley... Khan and Tank. Hence Saraiki is a Nation.
Why do nations pursue self-determination?
Nations, like individuals, like to think they are the best judge of... without deferring to parents or guardians, so nations on achieving Independence chart their own course. ...