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AI Chinese name meaning 1) "friendly" and 2) "love." Compare with another... "jasper," the semi-precious stone. BO Chinese unisex name meaning "sea" or "waves." CHANG ...
Boy names ???????????
I had friend and his wife who named their son Lucas,it's biblical name...and she had the fore thought to find names for her children that are odd...
Hamster names?
If it's a brown colour you could name it Coco Or Milo. If it's a golden cream ...he was fast but he managed to escape one day. I always like to name my pets after something that makes me feel happy!
Names starting with s?
SADAHARU Name Origin: Japanese Name Meaning: great one .../A Name Meaning: N/A SAMEDHAN Name Origin: N/A Name Meaning: N/A...
Unisex Names........?
My name is Casey, my sister's name is Alex, although.... Then there is Carson, my friend is a girl named that. Riley, i know a few girls named that too. Ray...
Jewish names?
Schmuley-boy name Haddassah-girl name(my favorite) Michael-boy name David...boy name Abra-girl name Abraham-boy name Achava-boy/girl name Adah-girl name Adam-boy name Adin-girl name Admon...
Name Meanings????
The Name JUBA is a girl's name with the meaning(s) " ... The name JUBA, is the 6197th most popular baby name at placing it in the top 9% of names by popularity...
Please check out for human names: and for horse names
Baby names?
as a future teacher i like names that are simple and can be pronounced easily. girl names like...
Cute Japanese names 4 male kittens???
The name Akira is a boy name for your kittens. The name... origin. In Japanese The meaning of the name Akira is: Variant of Akihiko: Bright boy...