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AI Chinese name meaning 1) "friendly" and 2) "love." Compare with another... "jasper," the semi-precious stone. BO Chinese unisex name meaning "sea" or "waves." CHANG ...
Boy names ???????????
I had friend and his wife who named their son Lucas,it's biblical name...and she had the fore thought to find names for her children that are odd...
Hamster names?
If it's a brown colour you could name it Coco Or Milo. If it's a golden cream ...he was fast but he managed to escape one day. I always like to name my pets after something that makes me feel happy!
Unisex Names........?
My name is Casey, my sister's name is Alex, although.... Then there is Carson, my friend is a girl named that. Riley, i know a few girls named that too. Ray...
Name Meanings????
The Name JUBA is a girl's name with the meaning(s) " ... The name JUBA, is the 6197th most popular baby name at placing it in the top 9% of names by popularity...
Jewish names?
Schmuley-boy name Haddassah-girl name(my favorite) Michael-boy name David...boy name Abra-girl name Abraham-boy name Achava-boy/girl name Adah-girl name Adam-boy name Adin-girl name Admon...
Names starting with s?
SADAHARU Name Origin: Japanese Name Meaning: great one .../A Name Meaning: N/A SAMEDHAN Name Origin: N/A Name Meaning: N/A...
Please check out for human names: and for horse names
Baby names?
as a future teacher i like names that are simple and can be pronounced easily. girl names like...
Cute Japanese names 4 male kittens???
The name Akira is a boy name for your kittens. The name... origin. In Japanese The meaning of the name Akira is: Variant of Akihiko: Bright boy...