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any one familiar with japanese soccer player HIDETOSHI NAKATA? i need his bio.?
Hidetoshi Nakata (中田 英寿 Nakata Hidetoshi; born January... in Italy (and winning an Italian league title), Nakata moved to England in August 2005 to try his luck in...
And where is Nakata the japanees player?
Nakata retired at the age of 29 after the 2006 World Cup. ..., but it was on a loan. In his last season, Nakata had 1 goal and 2 assists for Bolton. His last real...
is it true that nakata sang in japan will not play again in soccer?
Nakata-san has quit playing for Japan in international football because of his country's awful performance in the world cup.
Is Nakata going to study at Harvard?? Please,,I'm very curious about it..>_<?
yes he is..Nakata plans to take an MBA at Harvard Business ...
Nakata Hidetoshi or Nakamura Shunsuke which is better player and why?
I'm Japanese and many Japanese people think Nakata is better but in my opinion Nakamura is ...
Where can I get a Hidetoshi Nakata Football jersey?
... in Asian neighborhoods .. Hidetoshi Nakata is among the first Asian football (soccer) players to make...
Who is the best footballer to have come out of Japan?
the most famous one has to be Hidetoshi Nakata coz he's the first Japanese player to play abroad.
HANA KIMI: does Nakata ever find out Mizuki is a girl?
Yep,but it all ends well for Mizuki :)
Why did Hidetoshi Nakata retire so young?
He is involved in alot of things on the business side of things.. Like running business, modelling, charities, advertisements, commercials etc... on a world wide scale I guess these things...
Ali karimi or Nakata?