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Can drinking Cod Liver oil help fight mycobacterial infection? If so, how?
Very interesting question, sir. As a matter of fact, a recent publication in the journal Science (March 2006, impact factor 31) suggests that when the immune system is activated, it is able to convert the inactive form of Vit D to the...
what is the name of a mycobacterial that has a rod or sausage shape after an acid fast process?
Mycobacterium smegmatis is one.
Microbiology Help please?
Mycobacteriaceae are waxy and hard to penetrate, they have a cell wall that is unlike anything else. Since they don't have the traditional cell wall that traditional antibiotics work on they need to be treated with a set of drugs that work differently...
My son just had what his Ped's Dr said was a mycrobacterial infection? I have never heard of this?
Mycobacterial. I really wish doctors would start talking to their ...
its by Mycobacterial infection, you must go to doctor the transmission route is unknown, suspicion is...
What are florida spots?
... are technically proliferative keratoconjuctivitis or mycobacterial keratitis. It can be a form of corneal disease. It can either...
how is tuberculosis colonized?
...immunocompetent person depends on the development of anti-mycobacterial cell-mediated immunity, which confers resistance... cells are stimulated by mycobacterial antigens drained to the lymph node, which...
Intracellular lipophilic Inclusions?
...mycobacteria in vitro and in sputum Although most mycobacterial lipids are thought to be ... are important aspects of mycobacterial lipid metabolism, meriting further investigation.
what are the results / effects of long term 9 over 1 1/2 years) Clarithromycin use?
...of a mild and transient nature. Fewer than 3% of adult patients without mycobacterial infections and fewer than 2% of pediatric patients without mycobacterial...
Biology Assignment , Help please !?
1. 2. Look up tetanus 3. Look up black plague 4. Look up ulcers 5. Look up anthrax 6. #2 - #5 are pathogenic bacteria