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Mudslimes are bad!?
... little troll.. 1. Calling 1.5 Billion people "Mudslimes" is your HATE. 2. Generalizing 1.5 ...
Why is mudslime always green?
You seem to know alot about it... Personal experience ey?
Reynaldo weeks a mudslime prison convert jig?
He's a house Nagger for the leftist... i mean house nagger as in where he dump his load inside the pc's white women pvssy for the liberals to lick
Ramadan: isn't it funny how these mudslime kept making excuses like "the translation is wrong.." When we pointed out their filthy teachings?
They are practicing taqiyya -- deceiving and lying to the disbelievers. It is taught in Islam. They know everything we say about their filth religion is true, but they simply practice taqiyya...
In the Mudslimes countries, is hooter cancer treated by a sword to the boob?
How do refugees and other sh!tskin Mudslimes treat gays in their home countries?
They don't get treated good, but a lot of other gays are the ones crying for them and protesting that Hilary should have won, so more of them can pour over here... It's sad.
Who invented the idea of having sex slaves: mudslimes or jeews?
Since mudslimes are allowed to take sex slaves, can we also capture muslim women for sex?
All religions allow having sex with slaves.
Mudslime what does mudsallamy bin pusslamy ibn Khalakha del pakistani ibn turkistani al arabi bin harami bangladeshi means?
No, that would be 'sheisen', but I don't think she would say this.
Ramadan: how did saddam hussein torture the muslim terrorists?
You like him yet you call him mudslime scum lol. Yeah I missed him too! If he's still here, Isis wouldn't have existed.