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Please help, what do you think of this ?
You're overthinking it, and there's no way we can evaluate the friendship between two people who we've never met or heard of before. If you have the kind of relationship with her that you're describing, you can just ASK her. You know, as if you were both...
Girlfriend has abortion without my knowledge. Absolutely heart broken?
Break it off & keep it off. If she's willing to do that to an unborn fetus, what is she willing to do to a living breathing child? Or animal/pet for that matter, when she realizes that it's just too much responsibility for her...
How much should you have left after bills to afford a baby?
...income if you both work now. I would suggest that you also need to save about 15% a month whether you have children or not, to save for emergencies and retirement...
How do I become a UK citizen to live with my pregnant partner?
Your partner needs to sponsor you for a fiance visa so you can enter the UK for the purpose of getting married. Once the two of you are married you can stay (after completing some bureaucratic requirements).
Did the Washington Republican Establishment REALLY believe that Pres. Trump would cave and kiss their azz to get his agenda on track after?
I know and Mitchell had the audacity to say that President Trump does not understand how Washington works. He went on to say that the tax bill can wait until '18. I got news for that son of a bitch, we do know how...
How do I get a girl to be my girlfriend?
So first see if both of you are on the same page. Then if both of you are its obvious you need to pop the question. I suggest you ask her on a date. And if it goes well why not another. Then if both of you like it you should be upfront on how you feel...
What can you do if you can't use your job references?
Small places can go out of business, but that doesn't necessarily mean the people involved don't still exist. List the companies anyway- if they ask you for a reference, give them your bosses' names. Some of these people may exist on...
What do you think?
She could be your soul mate...soul mates aren't just lovers you know. Since she doesn't express her feelings often, the 'kindred spirit' thing must be kept as a special thing between you that doesn't have to be repeated often. It...
Super scared of the symptoms I'm having, thoughts ?
A call into your gynecologist will put your mind at ease once and for all.
Is there anything I can do with Tangerine seeds aside from discarding them? I cannot plant them because I live too far north.?
can plant them, plant them in a flower pot, during the warm summer months move it outside, during the colder months move it inside by a window. transplant...