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Poll: Would this ruin his day????????
Yeah, You're kinda a peice of sh1t
Question about enlisting?
I think you have some really good insight. I would probably go with where you are leaning. Your gut is correct a lot.
Are you better off than you were five months ago?
Yes, big time.
Fox has already removed the Seth Rich claim from it's website and posted a retraction. How many fans saw this and how long will they...? con idiots in here asking questions about him 6 months from now.
Should i GHOST this girl?
Don't necessarily ghost her but I think you should probably let her go
Poll: Is it too early to shop for apartment stuff?
I would wait. I like how you think though saving up for a full years apartment rent. I've only got two months rent to cover if I'm unemployed. Props to you.
my friend just got into a fight?
Why even get invovled? Mabel should learn a lesson not to provoke people, and whatever problems she had between them, she should have maturely solved by communication with them. Not justifying the punch or any other physicality. But this...
Notice to vacate 2 months or 1?
60 dsys. Even though your lease is expired, you are still bound by its terms.
Will this effect my growth cycle?
If you are in 10th grade going into 11th, you should be well into puberty - in fact near the end of all growth. I sincerely hope that your torso simply stopped growing earlier than average - because if you actually forced growth that wasn't...
I'm 7 months older than my boyfriend. Is that socially acceptable?
Yes of course! 7 months is nothing. It doesn't even make much of a difference in maturity level either.