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Ladies: Would you be pissed if this happened to you? if he's seeing someone else, perhaps she's his flavor of the month? He will probably move on after he gets his fill of this one, too...
How can I become an Occupational Therapist if I already have a BS?
You need a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy to obtain an occupational therapy license, so you just need to take the prerequisite classes if you didn't take them already in your bachelor's program. You can take them as a nonmatriculating...
So are you going to celebrate Worthless Degree Awareness Month this June?
Most degrees are worthless.
I turn into 21 years old, but my birthday still two months away. So, can I still buy a beer or liquor?
You're not going to get reported (you might get a stern talking to if a deputy saw you). But the clerk has to be strict about selling alcohol to minors because he could lose his job and his store could lose their license to sell...
How is it possible for someone with a high paying job (70,000) to not be able to pay off student loans....and it has been 3 years?
... $70K should be able to me making at least $300 a month in payments with no difficulty. Unless they are living...
Will I gain weight if I eat Sam's Club pizza and chocolate frozen yogurt?
You will definitely get bloated. But if you have been clean eating for a while, your body should be fine. Depending on how well you've been eating, you should also be wary of how your body will react to sudden junk food. Just make sure to kill...
Could I be pregnant? I have 3-4 days until my expected period with no PMS symptoms but never had sexual intercourse, just fooled around...?
If you've not had sex and you're using birth control then there's no reason to think pregnancy is possible. Pre-ejaculate can contain sperm if he had ejaculated earlier and without urinating afterwards, but that's still a small amount of sperm...
How long, on average, does a laptop battery last?
Lifetime expectancy? Months to years, depending on quality, how used. A one time run from full charge? Depending on how used, quality, size.
how do i learn to trust in my boyfriend and my relationship again?
Keep worrying! If he really cares about your feelings, despite what may or may not be going on, he will cease to engage in that behavior with other girls, to make you happy.
Break up advice?
If you're getting anxiety, confront him about it. If he's your best friend, he should understand and be able to reassure that you can trust him. However, if you really feel breaking up with him is right then do it in person...