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Do I like him?
I think there is every chance that you could like this guy. What you need to take into account is that all the best relationships start off with the couple being good friends. The reason for this is that you already have that chemistry that is...
My Friends Are Doing Drugs..Help?
Don't snitch. You'll end up in a classic "kill the messenger" scenario. You should try asking to switch groups, but not before telling your current group that you won't tell anybody anything and you just don't want to be involved...
True or False: There's nothing harder to get through than quitting hard drugs cold turkey after years of use?
Adding fake body to picture?
...just use a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop ($10 per month subscription) or you could use Gimp which is free from You...
I have a very strenuous physically demanding job in a month and a half, it requires mostly great muscle tone, how should I workout?
I'm not sure what you want exactly in terms of "endurance". If you carry stuff all day while running through the woods, you will be tired at the end of the day, there isn't really anything you can do against that, that's almost plain thermodynamics. The best...
Did I handle this toxic relationship well?
You did the right thing. If she didn't want to help herself then there was nothing you could do. It's a good thing you could out before it turned worse. Just put her behind you as you tried to help her think about you're new...
From these texts, is she trying to say she wants to be with me?
...statement that keeps you hoping and hoping and hoping for months and maybe years.
How do I redeem myself after I asked my girlfriend a really dumb question?
Yeah, it really is a dumb question to ask, that's true. It sounds like you're giving her a job interview! But I don't see it as a redemption-worthy question, you just ignore it, and carry on. At worst you just say, "yeah, sorry, really dumb...
Why did my ex want to stay in contact after everything that she put me through?
You did the right thing. She is old history. Leave it at that and NEVER contact her again or let her draw you back into what sounds like a destructive relationship. You deserve better.
Purchasing a car with expired tags?
Look at the California DMV site. The seller is supposed to be responsible for providing, at their expense, up-to-date registration, and smog check, too. If it were me, and I wanted the car, I would require...