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Sorry babe..gotta go to work ..wanna make love later?
of course. ;) dont forget to pick me up some tampons from the dollar store. theyre on sale. aunt flow came early this month.
I feel like he s back, it is the demon from my childhood, he showing me signs that he is back, help people of God!?
Sounds like only God of the Bible can help you. God made a way of escape through Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead so that we who believe may have eternal life. If you do not yet know...
why is it so hard for me to be happy?
Many professionals believe that 'therapy' for emotions such as depression does more harm than good because it locks people into thinking that they have a 'disorder' serious enough to need treatment when, in truth, they don't have a disorder at all. In the old...
How will President Trump get Mexico to pay for the Wall?
The more Mexicans go home, the fewer US dollars are sent back to Mexico each month. That is how they will pay.
21 yrs old. Am I overmasturbating?
...the people you know SAY they masturbate 2 or 3 times a week or once a month. Studies pretty much universally show the average to be 10 times a week...
Did the judge do the right thing?
The judge seems a bit young. There also are issues with the parents being so young. If they'd been dating for 5 years, that means it started when the girl was 11 and the guy was 13...
Dumped by Jehovah Witness boyfriend after getting baptise!?
The loss of zeal is most likely an effect of depression, and depression is a natural reaction to what has happened. Whether you stay in the truth now, will reveal before any onlookers who know what you're going through, whether your true devotion is...
Can I park my car at the airport?
At the airport is usually expensive parking. But most large airports have car storage companies nearby, maybe a few miles down the road. They charge to store your car by the day or week, and generally have a shuttle bus to take you to the terminal, and then pick...
Does this sound insulting?
Just pull him aside and give him a right hook he will think twice befor not inviting you again
Why do guys usually just want to fuck me? give up the goods so quickly and so easily. Make him wait 3 months before you have sex with him. If the guy is not willing...