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My puppy tore apart his crate, help?
Unfortunately, when adopting dogs, you do not know their history. And when dogs or puppies are re-homed (sometimes more than once, if also fostered) and are bounced from home to home, or place to place...
My parents won t let me get a bird?
Sorry to say the bottom line is that they make the decision. I don't know that you could have done anything more. If I were you, I'd ask if they'd reconsider in a year, and not mention it to them until that time, assuming the agree.
Why don't we cut taxes on the middle class and the poor so that they'll have more money in their pockets to spend and grow the economy?
No, let's take away their deductions for state taxes, increasing their taxes, so that the wealthy can get one more new yacht per month.
How is it that my boyfriends insurance policy is being affected by the people that he lives with?
... the problem. Then when you do, then you either pay the extra $45 more per month, or you (exclude) either mom/stepdad from your policy. But, (if) you exclude...
What are my chances of having a second stillborn baby?
There is a 100% chance.
How fast after stopping pill can I get pregnant?
It is quite unlikely (though not impossible) that would be ovulating this early if you are exclusively breastfeeding. Nobody can know, therefore, how likely pregnancy might be, and whether you might want to consider emergency contraception.
Jehovah's Witnesses:?
I would suggest getting the answer for this question from someone that can really help you. Jehovah has clearly made arrangements for help in the situation that you have described. Notice what the Bible says at Ja 5:14, 15 14...
Why am I not sore?
Here's an opinion on lack of soreness: "It’s not necessary to be sore after every workout to experience results. Consistently leaving your body a sore wreck is a perfect way to eventually end up overtrained." "After a few...
Needing a root canal and crown insurance ?
they would have already submitted for approval to the insurance you are on and they will have already said how much they are going to pay for it
Drinking the placebo pill instead of the active? the first week, BUT now your cycle will be off for the next month so use other methods of birth control until your next period, since you...