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Why do people think blacks are more violent?
... living in poverty (With an average income of 130 USD per month) where as the United States is one of the wealthiest...
Is 20 old to get married?
...ecstasy, excitement, strong passions and desires, typically after around 18 months to three years (people vary of course). If couples are...
Traveling to Australia? Are these allowed on the plane/in luggage?
you can put anything in your luggage that you are checking into the plane, except aerosols, explosives etc and other restricted items. No food, no plants. this is extremely important if you are going to...
Math help?
... maximum revenue is: y = 55 * 1100 y = 60500 Answer: $1100 per month
Why do some people still have their Christmas decorations up when the rule is Christmas ends after January 6th? order to remove Christmas lights from the house during the winter months. Leave them in place until the spring, however, don't turn them...
Mommy's help?!?
Definitely put her in size 3. My daughter is 4 months but is currently 14 lbs and I just switched her to size 3! Much better fit!
What should I do with my ex-best friend?
I'd talk to her, just be really friendly about it and don't be too clingy at first.
Growing weed fast?
No, but you can do something similar in 3 months with the right mix of equipment and fertilizers. There's many...
Along with resting my voice, what other things can I do to help get my singing voice back? Also, how can I speak comfortably?
Well it's pretty obvious that you need a voice coach because you are singing WRONG and damaging your vocal chords which if continued could end up permanent. If you really want to sing then learn to do it correctly so as not to strain and cause damage.
Landlord Question?
... required to move out and compensate you. It is normally a month's rent, perhaps two. If it's cheaper for him...