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Facebook asking to prove my identity?
have you ever created an account before? they dont let you create more than one - that's a violation of their terms of service
Does this mean they like me and think I’m pretty enough to work with? I asked if they needed more pics? I am praised for my looks constantly?
It's hard to say because they've given you a neutral answer. But one clue that they like what they see is the word 'lovely.' I think things are looking good for you. Good luck.
Why does this make me feel so uncomfortable?
Why are you letting him control your emotions from a distance? Stop it
Can you submit your taxes twice and to a different address? are 20. During 2017, where you a full time student for 5 or more months? If you were not a student and made more than $4050, your...
How much would it cost to buy Yahoo Answers?
...slightly less than 452. it's gone up about 410 per share in the lat 7 months. No you CANNOT buy single shares. Ask your...
Will my car survive a short road trip?
I am 71 years of age. Asking a 190K mile old car to go 60 miles more is like asking me to live 8 days more longer. Ask me next week, if I respond, your car will probably last 60 miles also...
Should I stop talking to my in laws?
"when I disagree with her or tell her I dont see eye to eye on something" Is it necessary to express your disagreement? Can you just say nothing when you disagree? Rising to the bait is a choice. You can call it "outspoken and direct...
Is it legal to park a salvage car in the street?
As long as it's currently registered and driveable you can park it on the street. Heck, even a trailer must have current registration to legally park it on the street.
Would they make me go to court against my boyfriend?
If you come to an agreement on child support and he pays it, you do not have to go to court. His paying child support has NOTHING to do with whether he is involved in the baby's life. He is responsible for part of the support of a child he...
If there’s a God why is Dark Souls so hard?
Are you playing online and summoning other players to help with bosses? I played this game for months before I knew you could do that.