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do you prefer asos or missguided?
... by its own inhouse brand, it mostly sells many other brands, missguided included. I prefer ASOS because I can get many more ...
missguided discount codes?
You can try
"Missguided" for clothing?
yes they have good quality clothing at good prices
What happens if you order clothes on missguided and typed in the wrong address?
you should contact them and tell that you gave the wrong address. I think you will get it back.
Will missguided sell the same clothes in 7 months?
Hey :) I recommend you to buy them from now, cause the clothes on websites usually don't last more then 3-4 months. Clothes change according to the seasons & occasions. From now till 7 months it will be spring...
how can i dress this dress down
brown leather jacket like his one
would you buy this jacket from missguided?
Yes, it is really nice, you have good style choice :)
Is MissGuided really a bad website to shop from?
While there is no way to guarantee that you are dealing with a legit site, there are "red flags" to look for in a fake sites. 1) Payment options, do they include Western Union, moneygram, paypal and bank transfer...
Is Missguided safe to shop at?
well, that's from their experiences. you can always buy the clothes and if you don't like them, return them... you can't know for sure unless you try it out :) mine please?;_ylt...
i spelled my address wrong by one letter when ordering on missguided the town is right will this effect it?
no, as long as the zip code is correct then they will normalize the address if it is misspelled, no worries.