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Is having a savings worth it?
Your BF isn't very mature financially. Having some form of savings is important to having stability in your financial life. It can be for emergencies, unexpected expenses, loss of job, having children, buying...
Don't atheists realize that they are doing the exact same thing as christians ?
... how ridiculous you are. "Atheists also have a militant mentality. Prove me wrong." Religion supposedly teaches love...
Why are Trumpkins worried about the dangers of illegal immigrants but not conservative terrorists?
Sheep mentality
What do these Bible verses mean to Christians?
...then why lay waste to a people? To understand that, we must understand the mentality of that time. To the people back then, when going out to war against each...
My 4 year old spilled popcorn on the carpet. Why am I so angry about it?
...on purpose". A 4-year-old is not equipped with that level of mentality. She did it because she doesn't understand, or care about, ...
Man caught on video MAKING OUT with a doorbell – (Yes a real doorbell on the front of a house)?
...39;s a psych term for that. I don't remember what it is, but the mentality behind it is the thrill not of the action but of the notion that he's ...
What is the process to transition to another gender?
...therapy is next on the agenda. If you have a therapist with a gate-keeper mentality treatment can be delayed and even blocked. Therapists can run...
When will leftists in America figure out that the rest of us think of them as whacked-out dingbats?
Group think . hive mentality and confirmation bias have the Leftist deluded into believing they are on some sort of " High Ground " . lol !
whats wrong with a hard days work? It seems we have this mentality to work smarter not harder? whats wrong with hard work?
Smarter means more money and being efficient. Hard work is great but it could be improved upon. I worked hard in high school at barely passed while in college I worked smarter and got a 4.0 GPA
Why do people with facial deformities go out in public as if they deserve any sort of human interaction?
More to the point, why do those with mentality problems like yours deserve it?