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Dark Matter??????????????????????????????????
Since dark matter is supposed to be a substance that does not (or perhaps very weakly... on a large scale of galaxies and the dynamics of their constituent matter is the only way to attribute some phenomena to the presence of dark matter...
wat is matter?
Matter is "all of the objects around you and whatever occupies our senses." Mass is related to matter because mass is the amount of matter in a material. Mass is similar...
dark matter?
In astrophysics, dark matter is matter that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation (such... the observed phenomena consistent with the existence of dark matter are the rotational speeds of galaxies and orbital velocities...
What is dark matter?
Dark matter has been theoretically posited as the main 'matter' detect its presence due to its dominant presence. However, dark matter may not be an exotic form of matter at all! Some theorists have ...
Regular matter as you call it is the matter that everything is made up of. ... up of matter. Anti-matter (theoretically) is the counterpart to matter. Made up of positrons (anti-electrons. Same mass...
What is matter?????????????????
...physical sciences. For other uses, see Matter (disambiguation). Matter is a general term for.... A focus on an elementary-particle view of matter also leads to new phases of matter, such as...
What is dark matter??????
Dark Matter is a material that is believed to make up (along with dark energy... seen in the motion and distribution of galaxies. Dark matter can be detected only indirectly, e.g., through the bending of light ...
what is matter?
Matter is anything and everything which consists of atoms that have a... long as the conservation of mass is kept in equilibrium, you have matter. Lose it and matter will collapse into anti matter.
Does it really matter?
The matter is like this: what matters now may not matter later, and what does not matter now may matter later. But, as a matter of fact, since matter cannot be destroyed anyway, it doesn't really...
What is Dark Matter?
Dark Matter is the label scientists use to call matter in the galaxy and universe...then it would move differently. Instead the galaxy rotates uniformly no matter how far you go out into the disk. In order for that to happen, the only...