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What s the difference between a mandolin and a mandola?
...more rounded sound than a single coursed instrument can. The mandola (US and Canada) or tenor mandola (Europe, Ireland, and...
What is the difference between a mandolin and a mandola?
.... It's the opposite with the shorter scale of the mandola. Hence the tuning on the Octave is exactly one octave...
what is the difference between a mandolin and a mandola?
Same as violin and viola. The mandola is tuned a fifth lower than the mandolin. But there's also something called an "octave mandola", which is tuned a whole octave lower than the mandolin.
Anyone have a recipe for or very close to Carrabba's Mama Mandola’s Sicilian Chicken Soup?
... this...I love it too. You aren't the only one! MAMA MANDOLA'S CHICKEN SOUP (MINESTRA DI POLLO...
How do I transpose guitar chords to mandola?
... chord in the song is C. Just play a C chord on the mandola. You'll have to look up what the fingering for C is...
Where can I buy a mandola online? There are quite...
Where can you find good mandolas?
Hey go to just search for your favorite song and buy it at a very reasonable price.
Good inexpensive 10 strings mandolin / mandolas one can buy?
Hi Don. Yeah, you're right that these are hard to come by. Weber and, IIRC, Breedlove have produced them in limited commercial runs, but there's no way you'll land those for under $1000. If you do find something...
Mandola problems questions .?
short summary of what that is pls
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