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Good Makeup Tutorials?
Makeup Tutorials in specific? Those are hard, but there are some... that SERIOUSLY have helped me with my makeup application skills.
makeup brushes... :/?
Proper makeup application requires the right tools, and eye makeup is no exception...sponge-on-a-stick every time, but what other accessories can make the most of eye makeup? Types of Eye Makeup Applicators Eye makeup...
Does makeup...?
Yes makeup do expire. It does not matter if it has SPF or not makeup...up to 12 months Eyeshadow-up to 12 months Many makeup companies nowadays adds an expiration date on their products...
...way, 12 is a good time to start learning about makeup. Now i am not saying 12 is a...must. So if a 12 y/o girl wants to wear makeup like that, it is perfectly fine. But when she...
yes makeup can give you pimples!! makeup will clog up your pores on ...wash your face very well at night when you take it off! never sleep in any kind of makeup! that puts you in risk of bacterial infections! a good facial scrub...
Hahaha! Hi girlie, I'm a makeup artist and I've done a lot of girls' makeup. My... face looking dewy and hydrated, even when all of your makeup is applied after. After you apply your foundation, the...
Men and makeup???
Makeup isn't gender specific... ALL men in entertainment wear makeup (when you watch the news, even the male newscaster has it on), there's tons of male makeup artists (and they're not ALL gay!), and yes average men on...
Can you use mineral brushes for normal makeup?
Like normal makeup brushes, mineral makeup brushes too come in many shapes, ... made of soft bristles and designed to pick up powder makeup and apply evenly by sweeping across the skin. You will need the same...
cakey makeup!!?
... skin. Exfoliating your skin is necessary before any makeup application because it cleans away the dirt, dead skin and buildup from previous makeup...
Does hairspray help makeup?
No. It is one of the worst makeup advices someone can give. It doesn't work.... The best at keeping makeup in place are: Skindinavia, No ...