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Why For a Macbook?...?
MacBook (white) - supports only 4GB of RAM max. So for long term...can keep upgrading it for longer and keep it longer. --- MacBook (White) - 2.13Ghz processor. MacBook Pro (Unibody...
I really want a macbook!?
The normal macbook is years behind the new Air. The air has a little... it thinner and stronger than the plastic casing of the macbook. I understand that you like the macbook pros right now, but they will be...
New to apple products MacBook?
The Macbook Air is an Ultrabook, in fact probably started the whole...typical laptop form factor. MacBook Pros are more powerful than the Macbook Air in terms of processing power and they have more storage...
Do macbooks have ethernet ports?
No more "MacBook". Now it is only MacBook... to the page for "store" and click the "MacBook Air" (
MacBook or MacBook Pro?
The macbook pro is the beefer, better version.You can customise both.... (Cheapest one with smallest screen) -First of all, the macbook has a white plastic shell, and the macbook pro has a brushed...
is the macbook or the new macbook better?
The MacBook Pro is more powerful, has a ... basic stuff like homework and web browsing a MacBook should be fine. Also, all new Macs have ...
macbook or macbook PRO?
Macbook Pro has a graphics card from Nvidia, while the Macbook...card is top of the range, and can handle almost anything u throw at it. also, the macbook pro has a faster processor, and if you choose it, a bigger hard...
Fun stuff on macbooks?
... are lots of fun stuff you can do on Macbooks. Personally, they are my favorite...the applications folder. As you can see, Macbooks are a lot of fun. Good luck and hope this...
MacBook vs. MacBook Pro?
macbook pro is god compare to macbok here is again a good deal I found 1)Apple MacBook Pro MB991LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop *2.53...
Which Macbook should I get?
The MacBook pro's look pretty sweet, and are a top notch laptop with very fast processing...expensive, and you need to ask your self if you really need the power. The MacBook is smaller, lighter, and not as powerful, but they have ...