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How entertaining do you find lyricism?
Lyricism (in terms of rhyming schemes and vocabulary) is something I find very entertaining...but I'd probably go: Imagery (visual lyrics) > content > flow > creativity/originality > lyricism. RHH3: Nas Andre 3000 Cise Starr Common Black Thought...
What album defines lyricism?
Lyricism/Production Illmatic - NaS Big L - ...
Lyricism or Delivery...?
... heads....just don't be wack or bland...or some degree of lyricism, be able to make a song where someone can take something out of it and say..."...
what is lyricism and flow?
lyricism is just the complexity of your lyrics. This ...
What exactly is lyricism?
lyricism is a combinations of everything. - punchlines - metaphores - substance in the lyrics - storytelling ability - general wordplay - ability to use different flows
How do you define "lyricism"?
...think is better than Soulja Boy. To me, lyricism is putting across your message (even if that message is just...
Buy or Sell - Too much lyricism is a bad thing?
Lyricism/lyricist are such stupid words. Someone being a lyricist/being lyrical is completely subjective. So there's really no standard set for what is lyrical and what isn't.
RHH: Scarface or Nas when it comes to lyricism?
Scarface. You realize that "lyricism" isn't like "Points Per Game" right? ...
Which one is better lyricism?
My grandma can come up with better lyrics in 10mins. You want to say who has better lyricism put up Rakim Vs. Nas Vs. Lupe Fiasco. That's a true Lyricism contest
Do people tend to judge a rapper higher on what they see as lyricism than on their ability to make good music?
...the other component to this whole thing. When you point to multis or lyricism, you think to yourself "no one can argue with that... It's just...