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LOLOLOLOL . 3 IPL team in semifinals of champeins leaue , dont you think its well scripted?
lolololol at you:-D:-D. they deserve it! simple.indian teams are the best when they play in their own conditions.
whats 2+2? whats 4+4? whats 3+3?
2+2 = 3. 4+4 = 2. What's 3+3? 7!
I have been with my girlfriend since 1st of may 2011 how many months and days have we been together?
7 months, 14 days :)
how do i check how many hours i have played for halo 3? your account on and looking at the bottom of the page. lololololol indeed.
How can I achieve the power teleportation?
you should... go on the top of a building and then jump of it....THEN YOU OPEN YOUR PARACHUTE THEN JUMP ON THAT FLYING HELICOPTER AND THEN PULL OF THE...
Facts about scorpios?
Jealous lolololol, I'm bored too and chatting with him in this moment :D
Is it bad to sniff glue?
Always bad on wed.
POLL: What color are your underwear? ?
Lime green and black zebra~ I still want to see your cheetah/zebra ones. LOL~
NBA: 6 years ago today, the refs beat the Mavs to win the finals?
Wade had an amazing series. There was really only the one absolutely awful officiating game where Wade took roughly 9,000 free throws.
Did you hear the disappointing news about Obama's big CAR OF THE FUTURE?
yeah I did,, in his vision it only exists for him and Moochelle as he wants the rest of us in those mini clown cars