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What's the difference between a hydrophilic molecule and a lipophilic molecule?
hydrophillic means those substance which can dissolve in water (or polar solvents) lipophillic means those substances which can dissolve in organic (or non-polar solvents)
Drug molecules must be somewhat lipophilic (soluble in oil) in order to?
enter the cell through the lipid bilayer of the plasma membrane, duh
Why would a drug that is too lipophilic have trouble travelling in the bloodstream?
it wouldn't dissolve in water ...
what is the HLB (Hydrophilic -Lipophilic balance) value of Octane & Decane?
Mc Cutcheon's Detergents and Emulsifiers
describe how a typical lipophilic chemical messenger as a steroid acts on a target cell to alter cell funtion.?
Being lipids, steroid hormones enter the cell by simple diffusion across the plasma membrane. The receptors exist either in the cytoplasm or nucleus, which is where they meet the hormone. When hormone binds to receptor, a characteristic series of...
Which of the major blood protein classes is involved with the transport of lipophilic molecules in the blood?
D - A and B
Which type of creatine is the most soluble in water and is also lipophilic (fat soluble)?
I like eas brand Phosphagen The original creatine monohydrate. This is a versatile and economical product that can be mixed in water, juice or in a Myoplex shake. Nothing beats healthy eating. Eat a combination of lean...
cell transport; physiology help!?
...remember here is like goes with like. The cell membrane is lipophilic (lipo - lipid, philic - loving), so lipophilic molecules can get through the...
Surfactants that absorb fat are called?
B. Lipophilic. <---Lipo = fat .......................philic = loves, or attracted to .
Physiology question - mineralocorticoids?
1. Lipophilic- Lipophilic hormones pass through the target cell's plasma... hormones of adrenal cortex and the sex hormones are lipophilic. 2. True for sure. Because ADH stimulates anti...