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Intracellular lipophilic Inclusions?
Intracellular lipophilic inclusions of mycobacteria in vitro and in sputum Although most determine factors which affect the presence and natural history of intracellular lipophilic inclusions (ILIs) in Mycobacterium smegmatis...
Is alcohol lipophilic?
Lipophilic- organic, "fat" loving as opposed to aqueous "water"... as the alkyl chain length of the alcohol increases they become increasingly lipophilic and insoluble in water, for examples decanol.
HELP NEED ASAP!! Do lipophilic hormones activate second-messenger systems within their target cells? ?
No. Lipophilic hormone such as the steroids enter the cell. Receptors for steroid...
what are lipophilic hormones?
...quot;Most hormones fall into three broad categories: (1) small lipophilic molecules that diffuse across the plasma membrane and interact with intracellular...
What are lipophilic organic compounds?
Lipophilicity refers to the ability of a chemical compound to dissolve in fats, ...the axiom that like dissolves like generally holds true. Thus lipophilic substances tend to dissolve in other lipophilic substances, while hydrophilic...
lipophilic and hydrophilic?
... form hydration shells around the cations and anions. Lipophilic, or hydrophobic, compounds tend to be nonpolar; such a chain of hydrocarbons...
how come hydrocodone doesnt stay in the urine longer than a few days, no matter how much is taken?
it's water soluble, not fat soluble, so as your body naturally flushes water from your system it flushes the vicodin as well.
which term in the gibbs free energy equation is most useful in understanding the concept of lipophilic?
...). entropy is a measure of disorder--and when things that are lipophilic are in aqueous environments, they are solvated by water (...
How is the signal from hydrophilic and lipophilic hormones received by the target cell ?
... on the signal to activate or deactivate certain kinases etc. For lipophilic hormones (i.e. testosterone), the hormone can either bind a cell surface receptor...
Is cyclopropane a lipophilic or hydrophilic compound?
Lipophilic. It is a hydrocarbon, C3H6.