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I'm practically scared for my LIFEBLOOD?? Help?
...let you know that there are dozens of books called "Lifeblood" or have that word in the title. Don't worry, there's no copyright...
Is Freedom of expression the lifeblood of Democracy?
Well, freedom of expression isn't necessarily the lifeblood of Democracy, but we don't want democracy! What is democracy...
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What could be another word for lifeblood?
essence driving force vital source
How do you say 'lifeblood' in French (or equivalent)?
La Seine est l'âme / l'élan vital / la force vitale de Paris. The Seine is the soul / vital movement / vital force of Paris. La Seine est l'artère majesteuse de la vie Parisienne...
What does "lifeblood" mean?
Yes, the animal has to be killed and its life-blood drained out before its flesh is eaten. Blood was never to be eaten or drunk by God's covenant people and that's in the covenant with Noah and the...
Credit as the lifeblood of the economy?
banks still need to lend to somebody, so if everybody's down, the banks will just have to lower their standards.
Is communication the lifeblood of a business.?
Yes. Without proper communication, a business is unorganized and will eventually fall apart.
Does your job drain you of your lifeblood?
I did, Nursing sucked the life out of me. In later years it drifted over into my home life. Who am I kidding, it ALWAYS effected my home life. Becoming...
I will suck the lifeblood from your very soul?
Thanks for your honesty.