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Why are libtards stupid enough to believe that Trump advocated people use the 2nd amendment to deal with hillary when Obama said?
Libtards are stupid enough to believe anything that their slave masters in...Libtards are incapable of independent thought or critical thinking. Libtards must tune into CNN and MSNBC to learn what they think. Libtard...
Why is it that libtards ignore Black crime facts?
Because they're libtards. When you finally get them to accept the numbers, they blame it...
What is a libtard and how does it relate to christianity?
What is a libtard and how does it relate to christianity? ~~~ It is a derogatory term...
Ever notice when libtards call you a troll, it is because they are out of intellectual ideas, so they go potty-pot? Little infants.?
Libtards are crazy and you can't reason with a crazy person lol. Besides it's fun having a section on Yahoo where you can have fights with crazy people.
why only people who dont have jobs are libtards?
... brother in law -- are hard workers, too. Your "libtards" also include millions of unionized private sector and public sector...
Why're so many libtards whining about the electoral college, claiming "popular vote should decide"?
Libtards can't understand politics, that's why they're all Marxists.
Libtards applaud Cuba, yet it was best friends with Russia they hate so much. Do they get any dumber?
Libtards are tards. Just nod your head if they talk to you then go about your business
Libtard snowflakes, show me on the doll where President Trump touched you...?
These libtard snowflakes will always be butthurt that they lost the election and now we have...
Is their anything funnier than the supposed "Coffee Party" Libtards have created?
Libtards laugh at the childish insults thrown by the Tea Party toward people they disagree with.
Why do libtards want to give more funds to the "prison industrial" complex by placing people in there longer for "hate crimes"?
Libtards know only hate. We have to fill those cells with liberals who have committed hate crimes.