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Calculus II Parametric Arc Length?
length L = integral dL dL = sqrt{(dx)^2 + (dy)^2} = sqrt{ 1 + (dy/dx)^2} dx y = a sin^3 t --> dy = a 3 sin...^3t You can integrate from 0 to pi/2 (the first quadrant, and multiply that result by 4 to get the total length. so One-fourth the length = L/4 = (3a/4) cos 2 t from t = 0 to t = pi/2 L/4 = (3a/4) { cos...
Help with finding arc lengths?
The length of an arc is normally defined by the central angle. in latitude. Turns out to be 15% too short. To find the length of an arc from the central angle x in degrees, knowing the...
variable length subnet masking?
A Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) is a ...recent protocols (see VLSM) carry either a prefix length (number of contiguous bits in the address) or subnet...
ski lengths???????????????
Height has very little to do with the proper length anymore. True, at one time you could use various height comparisons to...
AR-15 handguard lengths?
Handguard lengths do not need to be dependant on the gas system length (listed...more common to get a low profile gas block and then you can put any length free float rail on that you want. Some people like the rail...
Calculus Finding Arc Length?
The length of an infinitesimal increment along the length of the curve is ds, where (ds...equation must be equal to. Then evaluate it from x = 0 to x = 5 to get the arc length that S = integral(ds) must have.
Arc length help, please!!~~?
Arc Length = ∫√1+(dy/dx)² dx from a to b In this problem, Arc Length...Length = ∫√1 + (4x²)/(1-x²)² dx from 0 to 1/2 Arc length = ∫√(1 - 2x² + x^4 + 4x²)/(1-x²) dx from 0 to 1/2 ...
find the arc length of this curve?
Hi, Arc length = ∫ √[1 + (dy/dx)²] dx Given y = 4x². dy...2)[sec θ tan θ] + (1/2) ln |sec θ + tan θ| Hence, arc length = ∫ √[1 + (dy/dx)²] dx = (1/8) ∫ [sec³ θ] dθ...
in relativity...length contraction???
Length contraction is very real, and it can be seen in the world around us...well as in laboratories. Nothing which has mass or a real length at all can ever reach the speed of light. But if it did, its length...
find the length?????
The arc length of a curve y = y(x) between x = a and x = b is given by integral...3)] = (2/3)x^(-1/3) In this case (dy/dx)^2 = (4/9)x^(-2/3) so the arc length would be integral (x = 1 --> 8) sqrt[1 + (4/9)x^(-2/3)] dx Case 2...