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What is the difference between a bureaucrat and a legislator?
Legislators are elected officials in a legislative body (a state legislature, the Congress, a...before they're voted on - and submit it to a legislature, but they can't vote on it. Only legislators can do that part. Bureaucrats can also influence (and are sometime empowered to enact) non...
lobbying a legislator?
Yes, I have personally lobbied a legislator. In a sense I have done it since childhood...than a letter. Have a presentation package to give the legislator and a short summary you can give in person. Keep...
Who does a legislator represent?
It depends on the legislator. Some represent parties. Some represent the people who ...
christians, it was recently reported that a virginia state legislator stated that all children born with?
Really, and which state legislator would that be? I live here, and I havent heard anything like this...the fundie nuts that live here like Pat Robertson , but a state legislator?? Which one? Please give the link to the news stories about...
what is the difference between the delegate and the trustee concept of a legislator?
A legislator who is a "trustee" is one who is not going to...that the people elected him/her out of a sense of trust that the legislator is wise and will exercise wisdom, including wisdom superior to the constituency...
What represents the Chief Legislator?
A legislator has the power to make laws - Congress does this. ...
are legislators part of senate?
"Legislator" is not a certain type of person or position. It is a catch...legislators are Senators. Representatives are legislators, too, but are clearly not Senators. City councilpeople are...
are senators the same as legislators?
Legislator is the overall term for people in the house and senate. Senators are in the senate and Representatives are in the house and legislators and congressmen are both.
What is the difference between a legislator and a congressman or Senator?
A legislator is anyone with the authority to create laws. ..., and all congressmen are legislators. But not all legislators are ...
How can barry tell legislators they MUST ACT when his record as a legislator?
He should tell legislators that they must write autobiographies. Also, that they must give vague...