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What is a Leaderboard?
The leaderboard lists the top users on the site. They now have leaderboards...the top 5,000 users in a country (or region) weekly. You can view the leaderboard by clicking the My Q&A link underneath the Discover...
Where and how can i find myself in leaderboard ?
Finding the correct Leaderboard is most important. This address would need to look on the Canada Leaderboard. Once you know what Leaderboard...
why am i not on thwe leaderboard when i have over 18100 points. I should be on page 13?
The leaderboard is based on the points that you've have on a Sunday before logging out (before the leaderboard is updated), and then again on Monday when you...
Primerica leaderboard?
Primerica leaderboard is confidential and accessible to Primerica's representatives... alternative solution is to ask your uplines to see the leaderboard.
how do i find out what my rank is on the leaderboard ?
To get to the Leaderboard, go to "My Q&A" and...39;s the link to the last page of the US Leaderboard. Lowest score is 6,628. http://...
Concerning the top of the leaderboard?
Well, Richard, who is top of the leaderboard has been around since Dec, 2005. ... the leaders on the 1st page of the leaderboard w/ high BA%'s, they are legit. Many...
how often is the leaderboard adjusted?
The leaderboard is updated Sunday night / Monday morning at midnight...and then again ten pages. Both Overall and Weekly leaderboard goes in parallel however that day weekly leaderboard finished around much before...
What is a leaderboard on yahoo answers?
The leaderboard is the great big scoreboard of Yahoo Answers. It ...down and you will see a small BLUE link that says "View Leaderboard". Click that and you will see what I mean. Check this link...
How do I get on the Yahoo Answers Leaderboard?
There are 3 types of leaderboards. You didn't state which one. Global overall, global weekly and section...
... your point total on the Yahoo Answers India leaderboard. Here's the link to the leaderboard for Yahoo Answers...