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largest protestant denomination?
World's Largest Protestant denomination (vs largest ... (Quakers) 300,000 -------------- 2004: Largest Protestant Denomination in US...
what animals has the largest brain?
Largest brain by mass The animal with the largest brain by weight is the sperm whale. The average... means that the sperm whale actually has quite a small brain in comparison with its body. Largest brain in proportion with body This question is a little harder to answer because of the different...
what is a largest river in india?
The 'largest' river in India depends on your definition of 'largest... through northern India. Technically it is the largest river that flows through India, but in terms of its annual...
largest sea?!?
pacific #1 Pacific (155,557,000 sq km) larger map #2 Atlantic (76,762,000 sq km) larger map #3 Indian...
what the large hadron collider actually is?
The Large Hadron Collider is the worlds largest particle...
What is the largest...............?
Largest cricket: I think it is the King cricket which could get as large as 7 centimeters. Largest animal is an elephant. Largest insect
what is large volume liposuction?
Advances have made the removal of larger volumes of fat with less blood loss easier...complication and morbidity rates. The definition of “large volume liposuction” varies in the plastic surgery literature...
the three major functions of the large intestine?
The large intestine takes 10-12 hours to finish up the remaining ... not broken down any further in this stage of digestion. The large intestine simply absorbs vitamins that are created by...
the largest mass extinction was the________?
-- The largest mass extinction happened at the Permian/... the end of the Permian was the largest in magnitude, there is general disagreement regarding...
Largest Prime Number...?
... so far PROVE that there is no largest prime. Just because you can count forever doesn'...proof by contradiction. Suppose there is a largest prime number. Call it p_n. Then...