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What does the labrum in your shoulder do?
Labrum: In medicine, a ring of fibrocartilage (fibrous cartilage...edge of the articular (joint) surface of a bone. The term labrum is used in anatomy to designate a lip, edge...depth. The causes of injury to the acetabular labrum, the signs and symptoms, and treatment ...
what is a labrum? where is it?
A labrum is a circular piece of cartilege that goes around a joint and provides greater stability to that joint. There are 3 labrums in your body. One in your shoulder, your wrist, and ...
Has anyone have or had a tear in the labrum in their shoulder? ?
The labrum is a tissue that acts as a cuff for the head of the humerus... that there is always the possibility of further tearing the labrum. Talk to your therapist if you are still going...
Labrum surgery?
If you are referring to the glenoid labrum of the shoulder, then yes, I had surgery for it. Mine was...
Torn Labrum surgery?
...damage done to various parts or part of the labrum (there are five sections to the
What to do about a torn labrum? an orthopedic surgeon. I was diagnosed with a torn labrum. It turned out to be a torn rotator cuff and bone spurs...
What is the recovery time for a torn labrum?
What is the recovery from Labrum Surgery? The recovery depends upon... have a greater chance of injuring the labrum repair. However, a vast majority of patients...
Bankart tear (labrum)?
I had a torn labrum and avoided surgery quite a few years (mainly because it didn't show...
LABRUM HELP surgery!?
...from Johns-Hopkins medicine: What is the recovery from Labrum Surgery? The recovery depends upon many factors, such...
glenoid labrum...?
I think there is a decent chance you have a tear in the labrum considering the symptoms you describe. The pain in the back...