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When was kleenex invented?
Kleenex is a brand name of facial tissue and a registered trademark of the ...and many people in North America today refer to any tissue as a "kleenex". Kimberly-Clark created the first facial tissue...
Was Kleenex an ancient ruler?
Kleenex was the Big Booger (or ruler) of the achoovian kingdom in the land... as the Green Period of ancient civilization. Slimerian Kleenex the First was the official head of state in the land of Snot...
Is there a plural form of kleenex? ?
Kleenexes, ooh, I see what you mean. Kleenexi? Maybe it's one of those words like "cattle" or "chad" that are both singular and plurals. That's it! " I used 50 Kleenex last night..."
Why did they name it Kleenex,when it is meant to clean your nose???
How did KLEENEX® Facial Tissue get its name...short, easy to say, easy to remember and easy to explain. KLEENEX® Tissue was originally designed in...
Do you say tissue or kleenex?
Kleenex. But I really think I should say ''Puffs" because I like puffs more than I like kleenex. :)
Kleenex is stuck in the toilet?
Yeah, a kleenex shouldn't do that. But I'm going to forge ahead and assume...
Why do so many people have Kleenex/Tissue boxes on the back window of their car?
Having kleenex in your car is always nice, but there is never a good place to... in the passenger seat, but when I drive someone around they throw the kleenex box in the back seat where it sits until people sit in back. If I...
kleenex or paper towels? how do you blow?
kleenex, not too small theyre just too thin. BUT PAPER TOWELS ARE too rough and hurt my nose so kleenex
How do I make a car out of a balloon, straw, and kleenex box?
Cut Kleenex box in half the long way Cut a small hole in the middle of one of the short...
What can use instead of kleenex?
>What can use instead of kleenex? A sock is considered traditional. >All my...