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Is killing okay?
Killing for no reason is wrong. However, there are circumstances...and tries to hurt my family, I believe that if I have to kill them, so be it. I would have regrets, but I would be...
Did ISIS kill Biggie Smalls?
Did ISIS kill Biggie Smalls? Bacteriologist Alexandre...ago. Birds participate in time creation. It's a sin to kill birds. Dinosaurs live under our level. They...
Who actually killed Tupac and Michael Jackson?
The Illuminati killed Tupac and Michael Jackson... to the Illuminati in this title, Kill + Illuminati. Michael Jackson...
Who killed Tupac and Biggie Smalls?
The southside crips killed Tupac and the LAPD killed Biggie... not believe in the illuminati and he wanted to kill the theory of it, he wanted to stop all the illuminati talk...
What happens if 5yr old kills?
... is a book called "Kids who kill" that profiles kids who have killed...death. The one I read about the 2 or 3yr old killing someone was in a situation where his father beat...
Did English settlers kill Native Americans?
They killed Many but not as you would think. Most were killed early... settlers killed none. Spanish settlers killed some beginning with Columbus and many of his men ...
What is your opinion about killing animals?
Killing an animal circumstances, or need should dictated by those only. Killing..., along with usage of the meat. Hunting just for the sake of the kill, and trophy is not acceptable. Such people are a blight on those who...
Why was Tupac Shakur killed?
Tupac was killed for attempting to break away from and expose the illuminati...not is irrelevant, he had too or he would be killed himself. Same way Biggie was...
Does loneliness kills? might also be the deadliest. Yes, loneliness does kill. From birth onwards, we are constantly learning to balance... often lead to suicide. And that's how loneliness kills.
Do no kill animal shelters really not kill their boarders? ?
No-kill shelters either rotate their dogs to kill shelters...chance of being adopted have been put down in nearby high-kill shelters. I would rather a shelter have a system whereby ...