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do jollyes in the uk still sell dogs?
... came up with this, if you wanted to ask them: Oh, actually, sounds like at least one of...
..Can you take dogs into Jollyes Pet Superstore..?
The one near me allows it, most pet stores do from my experience. Although they don't allow your dog to start weeing everywhere which is quite a mission to prevent (well atleast with my dog) theres something about the smell and marking...
Can gerbilariums make it difficult to interact with your gerbils?
yes. You could get an aquarium and that would work Great! Some aquariums cost a lot of oney like 100$(for 40 gallon) or 50$ for a 20. So my friend buys a clear/see thru storage bin (long) that can hold 12 gerbils :O and she can see her...
Pedigree chum dry food disaster!
Not surprising seeing as Pedigree is an absolute crap quality food. Also, remember that when switching a dog's food you need to do so very gradually. Not all pet food is made equally. A lot of it is full of corn, by...
Can russian dwarf hamsters live in pairs?
Sometimes it depends on the animals. It should be fine if they are from the same litter. I wouldn't look too much into it. But if worst comes to worst a bigger cage would help.
supplements for a dog with clicking hips?
...liquid that you add to the foo , its called hiprite, i got it from jollyes but if you dont have a jollyes were you live then try the internet, be...
How much would a Syrian Hamster be?
Hi, It's just like everything else you buy in the uk, you have to shop around for prices. When your buying a hamster for the first time, ask the shop keeper knows of the hamsters background, where it came from, how old is it etc, then...
Best chew toy for german shepherds?
Some dogs will tear up anything... I've had good luck with the rubber Kong toy (looks like a black or red snowman, kind of)... Hollow cow bones are good...and you can fill them with dog-safe things like peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin...
Brown vomit, seizure?
Why don't you just pick up the phone and call the veterinarian who did the parvo shot and explain this to him. If it is late there is always an emergency/on call veterinarian in most places, or wait until morning to tell this story to the Dr,
Doberman puppy food + treats?
Out of interest since I live in the UK if you don't mind me asking which kennel are your purchasing your Dobermann b*tch from? Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Acana, Applaws and...